Wedding FAQs

Yes. We believe you should be able to choose your favorite vendors. We can certainly help you with local names if needed.

We do have a room for brides to use. It has a full-length mirror, garment rack, chairs, and a couch seating area for family or friends.

We provide ivory and beige linens.

Dubois, Wyoming. We are a wonderfully western town with a wedding and conference venue to die for! We are surrounded by two mountain ranges and a river runs right through town. The PERFECT destination wedding spot!

We cap our wedding events at 250. If there are special needs please call as we can, in certain cases, make exceptions.

• All decorations must be free-standing, tie-on or hang from the pre-installed boards.. Decorations and the use of confetti, Silly String, tape, glue, tacks, staples, Command Strips or any similar product is strictly prohibited on the walls, ceilings, and any other part of the building and furniture. Candles must be contained or enclosed in glass. Confetti, rice, loose glitter, fog machines, sparklers, pyrotechnics, and balloon releases are prohibited.
• Birdseed and blowing bubble is permitted only outside.

Decorating and removing decorations for your special day.

The kitchen should be left clean.

Serviceware, utensils, dinnerware, etc. should be cleaned and put away where found.

You can choose to self-set up (chairs and tables) and tear down (chairs and tables) or we can handle those tasks for you.

Trash should be taken to the dumpster.

It is not a requirement but you should allow for three days. Day one for set-up and rehearsal, day two for your wedding, and day three for clean-up and takedown. Tables, chairs, linens, dinnerware, silverware, service items, sound system, and a commercial caterer kitchen are included in our package. We do charge a small fee for the cleaning of tablecloths and if you want the venue staff to set up and break down tables and chairs.

We have 96″ x 30″ rectangle tables that comfortably seat 8-10 and 60″ round tables that comfortably seat 6.

Yes, we only host YOUR event on YOUR wedding weekend!